Jelly Doodz

… bringing together children’s education and entertainment.

The Jellydoodz

The Jellydoodz are six colourful super-heroes whose aim is to save their planet from destruction caused by climate change.

The six Jellydoodz – Wibbly, Wobbly, Squidgy, Squelch, Oogy and Gloop – live on Planet Oozygoo and travel around in a solar-powered spaceship. Their mission is to save their planet from the threat of Jellobal Warming.

Hunter Johnstone has designed and illustrated the first 2 books, produced the initial storyboards and directed an animated short film for the characters. The Jellydoodz books fill a gap in the market for entertaining but educational environmental reading to explain to children, the complicated issues of global warming, melting ice caps, drought and the ozone layer.

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