Carlisle College

…at the forefront of education in Cumbria.

Carlisle College

Carlisle College has invested over £30 million on its city centre campus to create an impressive learning community.

Today, further education is a competitive marketplace as potential students are more aware than ever that they have choice – from which college to attend and whether further education or going straight into employment is best for them.   Hunter Johnstone adopt a clear, pragmatic approach to student recruitment and retention having fully recognised that Carlisle College’s target markets are in wide age ranges and either at school, already in employment or unemployed and, for certain courses, even retired.

Every year, for the last 4 years, Hunter Johnstone has helped the college to meet all application and enrolment goals through the creation of impactful and cost effective activity that speaks clearly about what students can achieve for themselves and how Carlisle College will help them reach their objectives.

Areas covered:  

Marketing & ConsultancySales Process & StratergyBrandingPhotographyWebsitesDigital MediaDesign, Production & PrintOutdoorExhibitions