About Us

Getting your brand ‘out there’ is pretty easy these days. You have a huge number of ways of putting your brand or business in front of your prospects. But are you saying the right things to the right people? Do you have the right product? Are you even targeting the right marketplace? This is where things can get pretty difficult.

We are smart and strategically driven thinkers with many years marketing, creative and sales experience. We have been clients too in our time so totally understand what you are looking to achieve. For many of our clients, we are a highly effective and seamless extension of their own marketing departments.

Like a good doctor, we don’t prescribe any treatment without first undertaking a thorough examination. When we work for you, we’ll first need to know about your business, your objectives, your competitors – and you. Only when we feel we have asked you the right questions, will we start to formulate a plan. We’ll tell you what you are doing right and won’t hesitate to tell you what you are doing wrong. Then we’ll present great ideas, solutions and carefully considered plans for you to achieve those objectives. We don’t have a signature creative style. Nor will we solely propose the most obvious media or promotional solutions. And none will be clothed in marketing speak or jargon.

From day one, Hunter Johnstone was built on the simple premise that clients deserve the best advice and the best service. Our principle aim is to help your business grow.


  • Marketing consultancy
  • Sales and process strategy
  • Design & print
  • Direct Mail
  • Website and digital production
  • Television and Radio production
Marketing Consultancy
Media ( TV, Radio & Press)
Direct Mail
Digital (TV, Radio & Press)